the The cagey chode

a discord groupchat

cagey chode is a groupchat made up of six discord users, myself (and my system), cagey (the one and only), rio (the racist), jack (offer), cakie (the teenage pedophile), and rio's girlfriend ema (who's never active)

we are by far one of the most problematic and offensive group chats in the eyes of a libtard, but please realize nothing we say in this groupchat is to be taken seriously or reflect on our person. were a group of minorities who like to make light of the problems in the world. TLDR; it's all ironic.

hall of fame

here you can see the image that started it all. in his hard and soft form here is meaty schmeaty (cagey) with his fat (but short) dick out for everypony to see. normally, you'd only see him soft but if you show him the right drum and bass song, or even better, give him a bug to torture he might just get a hard on.