these are sites n links i use often, this is like my personal bookmarks page

wikipedia entires

  • NEET - basically what i identify as and its meaning
  • hikikomori - total withdrawal from society
  • otaku - people with consuming interests in anime and manga
  • japanophilia - the fancy word for weeabo


  • digdeeper - a site dedicated to protection your privacy online
  • torproject - a browser you can install for tor. yknow like those .onion links
  • protonvpn - a vpn made by the same people over at protonmail
  • spyware watchdog - a site which helps you be aware of spyware you install

4chan boards

  • /a/ - anime & manga
  • /jp/ - otaku culture
  • /b/ - random
  • /pol/ - politically incorrect
  • /h/ - hentai


  • r/pyrocynical - a subreddit for fans of the fat cunt pyrocynical
  • r/196 - read rule one on your way out

if ykyk

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