Lucas' record player

black sheep - metric

black sheep

"Got real estate, I'm buying it all up in outer space"

scott pilgrim vs. the world is one of my most favorite movies and this song is a perfect addition to the film. brie larsson's cover of it just fits so well.

pinkerton - weezer

El Scorcho

"I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon"

el scorcho is a guilty pleasure song of mine. i would never proudly admit how much i relate to the song, though this probably counts as just that...

slop - jackal queenston

High Gear

when this track starts it's almost like a countdown to/hyping up rubber band. not that this song is just an accessory because it's perfect on its own.

XO - leathermouth

I Am Going To Kill The President of The United States of America

"And I'd rather be deaf, dumb and blind
Than pledge allegiance to a man of your kind"

ohohoh boy does this song get me riled up. im a huge anti-fascist and screaming about how i want to [REDACTED] is perfect for any mood i'm in.

pink season - pink guy

She's So Nice

"That's why I fucked your fat girlfriend you fucking nerd!"

this song honestly just makes me feel a little bit pretentious, in a good way of cource. it's like i finally get to have that bully moment i never got all my life.